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I placed an order almost 3 moths ago and she is not responding my emails anymore. We are from Mexico and this was a lot of money for us!! She said she will investigate what had happened with the order but there has been no answer from her and I dont have a way to get help. What she is doing is terrible!! She doesnt want to send the package again or give us refund. Any suggestions about what I should do?? a phone number I could call?? Im... Read more

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Great company and A1 ibogaine. Anyone who says it isnt is just a typical junkie wanting to stay high. I ordered twice for me and my wife and were both sober after 13 years in oxycodntin and suboxone

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they are fraud I ordered 16 days ago. this morning Michelle email me back. after 100 emails I send her last 15 tell me if I like to send my package with express or normal post . if she was responsible and send me my package at the same day. I would have it by now. now they need another 2 weeks to return my money . I am mechanic and dont make lots of money . I gave her one of my paycheck which I hope she spend in hospital. she... Read more

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i was a recovering addict suffering from 2 years of extremely bad depression and anxiety. i contacted iboga world and they were extremely helpful, i was going to do a large dose but they helped me decide on micro dosing with powdered root bark capsules, i still bought 1 gram of hcl and 5 grams of TA and 2 30caps packs of powdered root back i stopped taking my meds for 5 days before i started micro dosing, first 2 days i took 3x 3oomg/3 times a... Read more

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How does Michelle knows what info to give is she out of the blue a specialist in Ibogaine treatment ? And selling illegally to the USA. Read more

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I bought ibogaine from Iboga World. It was real, of high quality, it enabled me to overcome alcoholism. Some of these complaints seem to have got it all wrong. The one that said "who knows what was in those capsules...I could of been killed"... ...ibogaine is a powerful drug that will lay you out helpless, puking, bedridden, and high as a kite for days. It needs to be taken in a proper environment, you have to make arrangements and take... Read more

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I'm an Addict who bought some ibogaine from abo ve I worldAnd I got ripped off looks like I'm not the only one. Who knows what was in those capsules I could have been killed

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I tried to purchase ibogaine TA and iboga rootbark from IbogaWorld communicating with Michelle was extremely difficult and frustrating. she, they, he, it was extremely pathetic to deal with. numerous emails to ask the same question, over and over. finally I got s staight answer. I paid nearly 500 Canadian dollars, and received nothing! I asked for a refund repeatedly, was promised my money would be returned. continual lying, deception, connery,... Read more

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Iboga World is awesome. I have some left still. Ordered multiple times. Never got anything less than pure pure pure. Read more

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Several years ago I went to this site trying to detox from heroine. I chose the root bark, bought an amount that would have dosed me correctly at even the 3% ibogaine, and she tried like anything thing (Michelle) to get me to buy the hydrochloride instead. (I would have spent more money that way.). I didn't listen, bought the bark, and it ended up being some African herb called devil's claw, and not ibogaine at all. When I contacted her back... Read more

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